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American Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Brief Company/Project Description

Many dielectric materials needed for next-generation technologies can be synthesized at industrial-scale but require post-synthesis purification that cannot be performed cost-effectively. American Nanotechnologies, Inc. (ANI) is developing technology for large-scale phase separation of dielectric materials. If successful, the implementation of these systems could drastically improve the efficiency and scale of manufacturing high-purity dielectric materials.

We Are Looking For
  • Industrial Partners
  • Funding
  • Customer identification
Critical Need for This Technology

Current industrial scale chemical refinement/purification methods are dominated by thermal (e.g. distillation) and physical (e.g. centrifugation) separation methods. However, many advanced materials are thermally and physically similar to the present impurities making these methods expensive and inefficient. Such materials require the development of electronic separation technology prior to any commercial adoption.

Potential Market

Liquid phase purification: Emulsion breaking applications for the food processing and oil & gas industries

Solid phase purification: Nanophase semiconductors for high-frequency electronics, nanophase semiconductors for flexible electronics, high-k dielectrics.

Key Innovation

High-frequency electrodynamic separators for particle sorting/phase separation based on material dielectric response.

R&D Status of Product

ANI’s technology is still in the R&D phase, undergoing developments at the prototyping level.

Team Overview

William Fitzhugh, PhD – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Jacobs, MSEE- Analog/Radio Frequency Engineer

  • Ilia Ivanov – Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Staff, Physical Sciences Directorate
Company Profile
  • Total Amount Raised: $425,000
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Patents: 1
  • Primary Industry: Chemical purification
  • Employs: 1