Brief Company/Project Description

TCPoly is an advanced materials company that has developed high thermal conductivity 3D printing filaments and use their patented materials to fabricate thermally conductive tooling, heat exchangers, and other thermal management devices. TCPoly’s vision is to enable high volume 3D printing manufacturing by combining the design freedom of low-cost FDM production with their functional materials to produce new, value-add products. As 3D printing technology continues to mature, TCPoly will leverage IP in materials, thermal products, and printing hardware and software to enable companies to own the manufacturing process and farm 3D print their own functional products.

We Are Looking For

  • Customers
  • Funding
  • Strategic Partnerships

Critical Need for This Technology

Plastics are light-weight, corrosion resistant, low cost and offer enhanced design freedom relative to metal parts. However, their low thermal conductivity limits their use in many thermal applications. The need for additively manufactured and thermally conductive tooling that can heat up and cool down quickly, light-weight and corrosion resistance heat sinks and heat exchangers, and electrically insulating and thermally conductive parts in electronics all drive the need for thermally conductive plastics.


Plastic compounders including Sabic, RTP, Celanese, and a few others offer thermally conductive plastic pellets for injection molding. Our formulations are specifically designed to have mechanical and flow properties suitable for manufacturing of FDM 3D printer filaments with high thermal conductivity.

Key Innovation

High thermal conductivity 3D printing filaments for use on FDM 3D printers.

R&D Status of Product

Pilot production

Team Overview

  • Thomas Bougher – Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Matthew Smith – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


  • Baratunde Cola – Chief Executive Officer, Carbice
  • Chuck Rigby – Chief Executive Officer, SSL North America

Background Resources

Company Profile

  • Total Amount Raised: $750,000 (undiluted)  
  • Status: Private
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Patents: 3
  • Primary Industry: 3D Printing
  • Estimated annual revenue: Pre-revenue
  • Employs: 2