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Arif Arifuzzaman

There’s a message in Re-Du’s name

No doubt you’ve noticed just how much plastic waste ends up on the side of the road or in landfills. What if something could be done to…

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Nth Cycle

Nth Cycle Closes $44 Million in Series B and Non-Dilutive Financing to Scale Clean Critical Metal Refining Technology

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Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan of Skuld LLC learned some lessons from an earlier start-up failure

Skuld LLC is not Sarah Jordan’s first start-up, so the challenges any new venture is facing are not something from…

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Dan Lee

Perseus Materials intends to reinvent composites manufacturing

If the team behind Perseus Materials Inc. achieves its goals, it will reinvent composites manufacturing as it is…

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Megan O'Connor

With Support From Oak Ridge National Lab Innovator Program, Nth Cycle Turns E-Waste Into Precious Metals

With the use of electronic products around the world, a staggering amount of electronic waste, or e-waste, is generated each year –…

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