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Renee Carder

Renee Carder

PixelEXX Systems is reimagining tomorrow’s cameras so you can capture, analyze, and interpret the world around us in awe inspiring detail. Ninety percent of the information we process is visual and…

Danielle Castley photo

Danielle Castley

Danielle Castley is developing a high-temperature, lightweight neutron-shielding technology that will help reduce costs and increase safety in the nuclear industry. This technology operates at a…

Joe Fortenbaugh

Joe Fortenbaugh

Actinic, LLC

Joe Fortenbaugh is designing, developing, and testing formulations of thermally cured thermosets which can directly and rapidly produce cured composite thermoset materials upon photothermal heating. …

Thomas Foulkes

Thomas Foulkes

AquaQuant Laboratories Inc.

Thomas Foulkes is deploying the next generation of high-performance central processing units and graphics processing units required to feed the power demand for elastic cloud computing, big data…

Erica Grant portrait

Erica Grant

Quantal Security Inc.

Erica Grant has a Ph.D. in Quantum Computation from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a B.S. in Physics from Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech, she was a leader in a service organization…