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ORNL Capabilities

Unique Scientific Resources and Capabilities for Entrepreneurs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation. ORNL addresses national needs through impactful research and world-leading research centers. The Lab’s wide range of partnerships with other U.S. Department of Energy laboratories and programs, universities, and industry allows them to pair their strengths with others for outstanding contributions to science.

From the earliest days of Manhattan Project, ORNL has focused on translational science, where basic and applied research work together to facilitate and accelerate use-inspired fundamental science and science-driven technology development. Today, the nation’s economic future depends on a vibrant science and technology infrastructure that supports industries that can compete globally as they take discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.

ORNL researchers apply unique facilities, sophisticated tools, and signature strengths in biology and environment, clean energy, fusion and fission, isotopes, materials, national security, neutron science, and supercomputing research to benefit science and society.

Oak Ridge is also the place to be for scientists and engineers who want to be leaders in their disciplines while addressing challenging problems in a multidisciplinary environment. Researchers work in laboratories with world-class, often unique, facilities. Resources like these enable the U.S. to compete in what former ORNL Director Alvin Weinberg called the arena of “Big Science” and they empower researchers to pursue knowledge that’s fundamental to solving some of our world’s greatest challenges, from clean water to sustainable energy to nuclear security.