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2022 LEEP Summit

July 12, 2022


The first ever LEEP Summit will be held July 12 to showcase the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program (LEEP).  The summit will showcase all four LEEP nodes with limited in-person attendance, the four national labs, and the regional ecosystems these programs leverage to move clean energy technologies from the lab to the market.


The next generation of energy entrepreneurs developing game-changing clean energy technologies from across the nation. Invitees include:

  • Key stakeholders and startups moving science-based innovations into deployment at scale
  • Industries looking to deploy energy innovations to address climate change and a net zero 2050
  • Department of Energy Leadership, national labs, and programs supporting basic and applied cleantech innovation
  • Under-resourced & under-served groups and communities impacted by climate change


The challenge of meeting net zero 2050 goals requires moving new science-based innovations into deployment at speeds never before realized. LEEP enables the rapid movement of science-based climate innovations into market impact by providing full-time support for two years and access to the resources unique to the DOE’s national labs and their regional innovation ecosystems. Since 2015 100+ Fellows have been supported in the program and achieved remarkable success.

The Summit will also showcase the regional and national impact of the LEEP program while highlighting the value of inclusive innovation and diversity for early-stage clean energy startups.


The event will support remote participation (hybrid) and in-person participants at each of the four program locations.

To be contacted when registration opens or to sponsor the event, e-mail

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