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Founders' Forum

Hicham Ghossein stresses importance of listening to customers

There was a recurring and consistent message from Hicham Ghossein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Endeavor Composites Inc., when…

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Nth Cycle

12 Climate Tech Innovators Building a Net Zero World

It’s 2050, and you arrive at the restaurant in a car running on newly-recycled batteries whose copper and nickel were once used in…

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Rajan Kumar

Meet Indiana's Entrepreneurs: Dr. Rajan Kumar

Originally focused on scaling printable flexible batteries for electronic textiles such as wearable devices, Ateios Systems pivoted when…

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Skynano Team

Companies are racing to turn captured CO2 into solid carbon for batteries, tires, and even cement

Carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that's the biggest contributor to global warming, could have a second life in heavy industry -- and…

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Lux System-on-Foil

More Than Moore: Lux Semiconductors’ System-on-Foil Shrinks Circuits

In an effort to achieve “More than Moore,” Lux Semiconductors has secured seed funding for a new semiconductor process that better…

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