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Lux Semiconductors raises $2.3 million in seed-round funding for System-on-Foil semiconductor platform

Four venture capital groups have provided Lux Semiconductors seed round funding to develop a new generation of advanced chip packaging,…

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Hempitecture opens first industrial hemp manufacturing plant in U.S.

Hempitecture became the first industrial hemp manufacturing plant in the U.S. on Feburary 17.

It is the first of its kind in…

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Founders' Forum

Knoxville start-up growing by mimicking the way a dog shakes after a dip in water

Ayyoub Momen of Ultrasonic Technology Solutions LLC shares his journey from researcher and inventor to commercialization of his…

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FC Renew

FC Renew making progress on “providing an oil change for hydrogen fuel cells”

Philip Stuckey's interest in this technology started during his freshman year in college. Well into the second year of "Innovation…

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Holocene Climate

“Innovation Crossroads” one of several exciting opportunities for Holocene Climate Corporation

“I’ve been thinking about this company for a longtime,” says Anca Timofte, Co-Founder of Holocene Climate Corporation.


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