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Nth Cycle Team in Lab

This New Tech Mines Old Batteries to Find Critical Ingredients for Electric Vehicles

Recycling batteries is time-consuming and involves dangerous chemicals. This new process could make it easier—and reduce the amount of…

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Nth Cycle Team

Nth Cycle Secures $3.2 Million in Seed Funding to Scale Technology for Battery Recycling, Sustainable Mining

Nth Cycle, the maker of a recycling technology that extracts critical metals from batteries, e-waste, low-grade ore, and mine tailings…

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Startup Knox

Latest Offering from Bruce and Bruck is the “Startup Knox Pipeline Report”

The latest addition to the Startup Knox initiatives that Brandon Bruce and John Bruck…

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Innovation Crossroads Logo

Several “Innovation Crossroads” Companies Issue Progress Reports

Innovation Crossroads gave a quick update from three of its participating companies earlier this year, including new hires and patents,…

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Justin Nussbaum and Don DeRosa, Cohort 2 Alumni

490 BioTech Receives First “Tom Ballard Innovation Award” from PYA

Innovation Crossroads Cohort 2 alums Eonix, LLC and Ascend Manufacturing were awarded second ($10,000 in in-kind strategy support) and…

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