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Megan O'Connor
Megan O’Connor Wins DOE Fellowship to Advance Recycling Technology

A researcher in the lab of Desiree Plata has won a fellowship from the Department of Energy (DOE) to work on a technology designed to…

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Cohort 2
ORNL welcomes new entrepreneurial research fellows to Innovation Crossroads

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., April 3, 2018—Oak Ridge National Laboratory today welcomed a second group of technology innovators to join Innovation…

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Anna Douglas
Anna Douglas suspends doctoral work to pursue SkyNano opportunity

Anna Douglas was so interested in being part of the inaugural cohort of the “Innovation…

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Matt Ellis and Sam Shaner
Two Co-Founders of Yellowstone Energy both grew-up near nuclear plants

The two Co-Founders of Yellowstone Energy are from opposite ends of the country, so it was fortuitous that they met as doctoral…

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Mitchell Ishmael
Joining “Innovation Crossroads” was a “no brainer” for Mitch Ishmael

For Mitch Ishmael, Co-Founder of Active Energy Systems, becoming one of the start-ups…

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