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Nth Cycle

Nth Cycle graduates from CDL program after Toronto finale cancelled

Speaking of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Innovation Crossroads” program, Megan O’Connor announced on LinkedIn that …

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tech stars

Shane McMahon, of Lux Semiconductors, named to the 2020 Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator

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HG Headshot

Endeavors in advanced composites: UT startup recycles fibers for nonwoven mats

Endeavor Composites is based in East Tennessee, but the startup’s name originates from something a little more out of this world: the…

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Hicham Ghossein Portrait

Hicham Ghossein reutilizing scrap and recycled chopped fibers for non-woven mats

Reutilizing scrap and recycled chopped fibers and turning them into long fiber non-woven mats is the focus of Hicham Ghossein, Founder…

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Jesse Thornburg portrait

Jesse Thornburg learned early in life how to fix things

Jesse Thornburg says he grew-up moving around the east coast before the family settled in Asheville, NC for his high school years. His…

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