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AquaQuant Laboratories

IC COHORT 4 SPOTLIGHT: AquaQuant Laboratories developing a better way to extract heat from electronics

Two former college roommates who went separate ways after completing their undergraduate degrees are the Co-Founders of …

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Erica Grant Portrait

It’s showtime for Quantum Lock’s Erica Grant in national collegiate competition

It’s showtime for Erica Grant of Quantum Lock Technologies LLC, and you can help her capture…

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Jesse Thornburg

Grid Fruit’s progress shared during yesterday’s “Incubatenergy Labs Demo Day”

Yesterday’s “Incubatenergy Labs Demo Day” that featured Jesse Thornburg, Chief Executive Officer of …

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Don DeRosa

IC COHORT 2 UPDATE: Eonix makes great progress, joins inaugural cohort at “Spark Innovation Center”

Upon arriving in Knoxville, I was eager to begin leveraging the expertise and equipment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to…

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Erica Grant

USPTO issues patent to Erica Grant for Quantum Random Number Generator Lock

“After two years of hard work, my Quantum Lock tech is officially patented through USPTO” 

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