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Innovation Crossroads puts a charge in battery startup, accelerating path from lab to market

After several years starting a company to produce a unique solvent-free battery component for manufacturing, Rajan Kumar joined…

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Shantonio Birch

ThermoVerse is “Revolutionizing Comfort, Transforming Thermal Environments”

Shantonio Birch experienced thermal discomfort first-hand in his apartment in Ann Arbor as a…

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Nth Cycle

Nth Cycle receives funding boost

Boston-based metals refining company Nth Cycle has closed $44 million in new funding that was supported by several investors, including…

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Ryan Spencer

Recent UT, Knoxville Ph.D. graduate is part of the newest cohort on Innovation Crossroads

ThermaMatrix is developing new materials in an R&D environment and for those who require…

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Arif Arifuzzaman

There’s a message in Re-Du’s name

No doubt you’ve noticed just how much plastic waste ends up on the side of the road or in landfills. What if something could be done to…

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