Seated are Michelle Buchanan, ORNL deputy for science and technology; Alex Lewis, CEO of Electro-Active Technologies; and Stacey Patterson, University of Tennessee Research Foundation president, who signed the licensing agreement for two ORNL microbial electrolysis technologies. Standing, from left, are Mike Paulus and Jennifer Caldwell of ORNL; Abhijeet Borole of Electro-Active Technologies; Maha Krishnamurthy of UTRF; and Edna Gergel and Brian Davison of ORNL. Credit: Carlos Jones/Oak Ridge National Labor

Bioenergy startup licenses ORNL food-waste-to-fuel system

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Aug. 16, 2019—Electro-Active Technologies, Inc., of Knoxville, Tenn., has exclusively licensed two biorefinery…

Megan O'Connor

Megan O’Connor provides midpoint update on Nth Cycle Technologies

Megan O’Connor, one of three Co-Founders of Nth Cycle Technologies, is “all-in” on…

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon provides midpoint update on Lux Semiconductors

Lux Semiconductors, led by Co-Founders Shane McMahon and Graeme Housser, is focused on…

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Mitchell Ishmael
Finalists Selected for Collegiate Innovation Competition with $10,000 Award

In addition to the Ocean Exchange Neptune and the WWL Orcelle® Awards, the seventh annual…

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Anna Douglas
Lee alumna Anna Douglas selected for ORNL fellowship

Anna Douglas has been selected for a prestigious entrepreneurial fellowship in the inaugural cohort of the Department of Energy…

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Mitchell Ishmael
Networking opens new doors for Commercialization Fellow

The path to success is rarely clear-cut, and it often takes unexpected turns. This is especially true in entrepreneurship, where a…

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Anna Douglas in lab
Novel nanotube approach earns grad student coveted spot in ORNL program

An interdisciplinary materials science graduate student has been selected for a prestigious entrepreneurship program to scale and…

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Innovation Crossroads Cohort 1
ORNL welcomes Innovation Crossroads entrepreneurial research fellows

Oak Ridge National Laboratory today welcomed the first cohort of innovators to join Innovation Crossroads, the Southeast region's first…

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